Patent Translation

Leibopatent has specialized in the translation of patents and patent litigation documents for over a decade. We prepare high-quality, patent specialist-reviewed translations for direct national filing, PCT national phase entry and EP validation. As our clients have discovered, by partnering with Leibopatent you will obtain expert patent translations at fees that are significantly lower than the foreign associates’. Our translations are finalized by patent specialists in the target country and are delivered ready for filing. One of our patent attorney professionals can then file them, or if you prefer we can even send the completed patents directly to your foreign associates.

Companies who use outside counsel can also benefit from Leibopatent’s patent translation service. By instructing outside counsel to obtain translations from Leibopatent, many clients have considerably lowered their foreign filing expenses without creating any additional work for their in-house patent departments. We look forward to helping you achieve greater efficiency and cost savings immediately.

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We translate the following patent documents:

• Applications
• Office Actions
• Prior Art
• Abstracts
• Claims Only
• Drawings
• Patent Litigation Documents

Our professionals specialize in many different scientific and technical fields, including the following:

• Mechanical Engineering
• Electronics
• Optics, in particular fiber optic sensors
• Energy
• Software
• Biophysics and diagnostic imaging techniques
• Medicine
• Medical devices
• Biotechnology
• Pharmacy
• Textile machinery
• Food industry
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